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Saturday , 28 March 2020
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Hard Rock – One of The Most Recognizable Brands In The World

Hard Rock – One of the most recognizable brands in the world 

Hard Rock Cafe. Maybe one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world has now taken new markets by storm. This market is none other than the iGaming industry that is currently blooming. Hard Rock Online Casino was opened 2018 in NJ and its popularity has rocketed since. To understand how big of an deal this is, let’s take a look at what the brand of Hard Rock is all about.

 Hard Rock Cafe

 The chain of restaurants was once founded by two American guys called Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett. The first restaurant was opened in London, 1971. The most famous characteristic of Hard Rock Cafe restaurants are the fact that they are filled with memorabilia related to music and its history. These memorabilias are 100% real and in many Hard Rock Cafe’s you’ll be able to find such an important relics as MJ’s gloves, Jimi Hendrix’s guitars etc. The list goes on forever.

There are over 150 restaurants in 50 different countries world wide and nowadays there are also few land based casinos name “Hard Rock Casino”.

 Hard Rock goes online

 Dreams came true for all the Hard Rock, and gambling fans in the year of 2018 when Hard Rock Online Casino was launched in New Jersey. Circling around the music theme that has made Hard Rock Cafe’s famous, the operator who created the online platform was called GiG. Yeah, we’re not making this up. GiG, better known as Gaming Innovation Group is a company that is responsible for major European online casinos that are turning over billions of dollars every year. If you want to have a closer look what they’ve achieved so far as an platform providers, please check From there you’ll be able to visit different casino sites that are produced by GiG. These are for example Rizk and Thrills online casinos.

 Europe bringing it’s best to help Hard Rock Online Casino

 GiG isn’t the only European provider associated with Hard Rock Online Casino as one of the most legendary game creators NetEnt has also made an agreement with Hard Rock to provide a variety of game for their new gambling site. It is literally impossible to visit any European online casino that doesn’t have NetEnt games under their selection. NetEnt is famous for making innovative and captivating games for all genres imaginable.

 Future of Hard Rock Online Casino

 The future of Hard Rock Online Casino will remain to be seen, but things are looking good at the moment. The brand itself is so strong that it has a certain authority amongst the players already, even most of the players hasn’t even started playing on the site yet. It’s like Coca Cola making a bicycle. You’re pretty sure it’s not their cup of tea, but looking at the size of the company, it’s probably going to be a good bike.

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